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The latest about the Greenbelt Fund, our initiatives and local food community.

Collaboration of Local Sustainable Food in Kingston & Toronto

My Sustainable Canada and the Greenbelt Fund invite you to be part of a workshop on collaboration to get more local sustainable food into public sector institutions. 

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Fresh Look for!

With a clean look and enhanced functions, is making it easier than ever to source and sell local food, Ontario-wide. Let's take a tour...

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Saunders Secondary School Goes Local!

We're sharing with you a video and blurb about the amazing local food cafe at Saunders Secondary School. Read, watch, and drool!

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There's been a lot growing at this past summer! We've received important feedback on the present and future use of the site, and have used this to make the site and search engine more user-friendly and streamlined. We're also looking at new opportunities for the site moving forward. During the consultation process, two ideas emerged as having the most value for the site’s member businesses: Advanced Marketing and POS Materials Package and an Online Distribution Route Map (click here for full description). We asked stakeholders and users to give us feedback on these two ideas and received a very positive response.

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2015 Guelph Organic Conference & Expo

Mark Your Calendar for the Guelph Organic Conference & Expo!

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Local Food Leaders Video: Joshna Maharaj

"[The] Greenbelt Fund, to me, means exciting engagement and really forward thinking."

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August: Special Occasion Menus Mean Unique Opportunities

For our Local Food Challenge in August, the assignment was to use a local ingredient that you’ve never used before. Mark Kenny from the University of Guelph wrote to us and shared this spectacular menu using not one, but five very interesting products. Here’s what Mark had to say about their submission for the August Challenge:

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Save the Date! Local Food Symposium

You're invited to take part in the Greenbelt Fund's Local Food Symposium on February 3 and 4, 2015.

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Workshop: Streamlining Process to Agricultural Applications in Municipalities

Are you a farmer who's submitted an agricultural application to your municipality?  What kind of experience did you have?  As farm operations change and evolve within the Golden Horseshoe, growth is often necessary for the operation to expand or redevelop.This workshop will showcase the best practices and processes of selected municipalities as well as the experience of farmers in order to enable municipal staff and conservation authorities to implement more effective approaches to handling Agricultural applications.

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Thank you for taking this survey and providing us with feedback on these exciting new opportunities for! To view the full summary of the v2.0 consultations, click here.

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