Greenbelt Fund News

The latest about the Greenbelt Fund, our initiatives and local food community.

2017 | Halton Healthcare

Good For You, Locally Grown – Phase 2, Oakville $51,500

Halton Healthcare will build on the progress made to increase local food served in its hospitals by working with farmers, manufacturers and other industry colleagues to develop recipes using Ontario food that meet the nutritional needs of patients. The project will also establish branding to identify local food choices to patients, as well as a marketing campaign to promote the local food offerings at Halton Healthcare facilities.

2017 | Cohn Farms

Processing and Distribution Hub, Bradford $72,500

Cohn Farms will be scaling up capacity at its processing and distribution hub to meet growing demand for local food, which is outpacing supply. The project is expected to double the number of farms supplying Cohn Farms to 25-30, create over 15 full-time equivalent jobs, and increase sales of local food by over $4m per year.

2017 | Local Line Inc.

Local Line Food Hub Project, Kitchener $28,316

Local Line will build custom local food hub software for Ontario food hubs, based on a market assessment of the needs of Ontario’s existing food hubs. The platform will leverage existing Local Line marketplace and reporting software to create easy-to-use software for new and established local food hubs.

2017 | Flanagan Foodservice

Homegrown – Local Food Project, Kitchener $42,840

Flanagan Foodservice is Canada’s largest family-owned foodservice distributor and will increase sales of Ontario foods by increasing its local food offerings, improving traceability, and investing in a promotional campaign to improve awareness of Ontario food available to its customers. The project is expected to increase local food sales by $1 million in 2017.

2017 | West Niagara Agricultural Society

Niagara 4-H Local Food Booth, Niagara $14,463

West Niagara Agricultural Society will partner with Niagara 4-H to purchase a road-worthy trailer for the volunteers of the 4-H club to bring to food and agricultural events throughout the region. The trailer will allow the 4-H to introduce their local food products to urban and near-urban students who might not otherwise be exposed to local food offerings.

2017 | National Farmers Union - Ontario

Building a Network of Local Food Advocates, Guelph $32,675

The National Farmers Union – Ontario will enhance local food literacy across the province by building a network of local food advocates across a number of sectors, including educators, healthcare providers, faith communities, artists, academics, outdoors professionals, and youth. The NFU will create tailored local food information material for the different advocates and create a directory of local food advocates.

2017 | Poechman Family Farms

Microgreens for Pastured Eggs, Walkerton $38,100

To supply the growing consumer demand for humane eggs, Poechman Family Farms will invest in significant changes to enhance the quality of life for their hens. The project will involve the introduction of open coops and added egg-laying privacy, installation of a stable cleaner to reduce ammonia levels, freshly grown greenhouse microgreens to augment the hens’ diet, and a “play” area for the hens to take dust baths, scratch the soil for worms and gravel, and fly to perches for observing all the activity. These improvements may also contribute to more flavourful eggs. And it will provide experience for the Poechmans to share innovations with other egg farmers in the Ont. Organic Farmers’ Co-Operative and the Yorkshire Valley Farms distribution group.

2017 | Len & Patti’s Butcher Block

Improved Production Efficiency to Increase Ontario Raised Pork, Beef, Lamb, Elk & Goat, Lindsay $46,438

To meet growing demand for Ontario raised meats, Len & Patti’s Butcher Block will invest in modernized machinery to increase production capacity. The project will include a new smoke house, tumbler, sausage stuffer, and patty machine. The increase in production capacity is expected to increase the sale of local meat by $2.5 million by the end of 2017.

2017 | Neyaashiing Smoked Fish

Increasing Access for Local Neyaashiing Smoked Fish Products, Neyaashiinigmiing $13,250

Neyaashiing Smoked Fish will invest in upgrades to its smoking facility to improve food preparation, food safety and production output. This will allow Neyaashiing Smoked Fish to increase access to new markets for smoked fish sourced and processed in First Nations communities, both through retail and wholesale market channels.

2017 | Select Food Products

Implementation of New Cooking Line to Increase Production Capabilities and Access the Ontario Market, North York $75,000

Select Food Products has made a significant investment in a new cooking and production line in order to deliver a made-in-Ontario with Ontario ingredients French’s Ketchup. The project will nearly triple production capacity for Select and help French’s to execute on its commitment to make and source ketchup in Canada.