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2017 | On the Move Organics

Local Food, Ready to Eat, London $20,000

As the only organic online home delivery service and food hub aggregator in London, On the Move Organics will expand its ready-to-eat product line to include 30 new meals. The project is expected to increase local food sales by $320,000 and expand market opportunities for 40 small-sized family farms.

2017 | John Millar Farm

Egg Room Storage, Keene $6,000

John Millar Farm Ltd., the only licensed egg-grading facility in Peterborough County, will enlarge and improve energy efficiency of its egg storage facility, providing the farm access new market channels including local farmers’ market and high-end restaurants. The project will generate $36,000 of local food sales during the project’s duration.

2017 | Ripple Farms

Local Lime and Capacity Building, Toronto $15,000

Ripple Farms will establish a new growing facility on Seneca College’s Newnham campus to grow lime basil for its new “local lime syrup,” which will be processed at Food Starter’s commercial kitchen. Ripple Farms will also train four staff to become certified food handlers to process the lime basil into syrup. Additionally, Ripple Farms will investigate sustainable packaging and labeling of its new syrup. The project is expected to generate $120,000 of local food sales during the project duration and create two full-time and two part-time jobs.

2017 | Bell's Edge Farm

Specialty Butter and Ghee, Harriston $10,000

Bell’s Edge Farm will purchase packaging equipment to optimize the production of local flavoured butter and ghee, while developing new products under their flavoured butter line. Bell’s Edge Farm is currently the only purveyor of ghee and flavoured butter sourced from Canadian ingredients. Bell’s Edge Farm forecasts an increase of $152,625 in local food sales during the project’s duration and will create two full-time and three part-time jobs.

Local Food Investment Fund Round 4 Recipients

BACKGROUNDER: Local Food Investment Fund Round 4 Recipients

The Government of Ontario is investing nearly $500,000 in 19 innovative projects that will help bring more local food to Ontario plates across the province. With $4.2 million in support from the Ontario Government, the Greenbelt Fund has supported 96 projects across Ontario since 2015.

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Ontario Government Helping Get More Local Food on Ontarians' Plates


September 29, 2017

New funding supports Local Food Investment Fund projects across Ontario

Peterborough – Kicking-off Agriculture Week celebrations, Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced that the Government of Ontario is supporting 19 local food projects across the province that will increase access to local food and support the growth of Ontario’s agri-food sector.

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Toronto Star Features World Foods

"As a Somali person, I need to access food that is held within my DNA - okra, ginger, turmeric, peanuts, callaloo - world crops that are locally grown," - says Chef Bashir Munye in the latest Toronto Star feature on local food.

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Guest Blog - National Research Council of Canada

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) provides innovation and funding services customized to each business's specific needs. We invited the folks at NRC-IRAP to write a blog about their program and goal of helping Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises accelerate their growth of businesses through innovation and technology.

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Marketing and Social Media Strategies for Local Food Literacy Campaigns

Brianne Meikle, Graduate Researcher student at York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies, examines four Greenbelt Fund's grantees who leveraged social media in their marketing campaigns to promote their commodities: Ontario Apple Growers, Ontario Pork, Veal Farmers of Ontario, and National Farmers Union | Ontario.

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Greenbelt Fund Report Identifies Opportunities and Challenges of Integrated Regional Food System


August 18, 2017

Pilot Project connected regional food hub with mainstream distribution channel to access institutional markets

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