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Local Food Literacy Roundtable

LFL Roundtable

On October 4, in celebration of Ontario Agriculture Week, the Greenbelt Fund hosted a Local Food Literacy roundtable event to facilitate the sharing of experience and insights of tracking and measuring results of local food literacy initiatives.  

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Ontario’s First Food Hub Financial Benchmark Survey - Deadline Extended!

Are you a ‘cooperative’, ‘food hub’, or a ‘hub’, that aggregates, stores, and distributes local food? Complete the Ontario’s First Food Hub Financial Benchmarking Survey by January 14, 2019 to receive your customized benchmarking report comparing your organization to the food hub sector.

To participate in the Food Hub Benchmarking Survey, click here.

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Webinar: Value Chain Coordination - Creating Partnership through Policy

The Greenbelt Fund has partnered with the U.S. National Good Food Network on a series of value chain coordination webinars.

The second in the series explores how value chains, like all entities, are not isolated, but are rooted in context. One role of value chain coordination is to improve the conditions in which the local value chains exist.

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From Food Waste to Great Taste—how Casa Bonita Foods is tapping into innovative opportunities to grow their business

It’s no secret that food waste is a growing area of focus at all levels of the food value chain. Factors such as economic and human behaviour, transport, lack of resources, and technological limitations all contribute to the many ways we waste food that could otherwise be utilized in effective, innovative and profitable ways.

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Webinar: Local Food Value Chain Coordination

On Thursday, September 20, 2018, the Greenbelt Fund will host a webinar in collaboration with the Wallace Center’s National Good Food Network initiative focused on “matchmaking” within local food value chains.

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Local Food Solutions Papers Released by Greenbelt Fund


June 6, 2018


Two new papers help increase access to Ontario food during Local Food Week

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Local Food Solutions Vol. 16

People: Organizational Culture

Organizations have internal cultures and routines that often present barriers to making changes to buy and use more local food.

Local food initiatives sometimes struggle to reach their goals because it can be difficult to create the organizational conditions necessary for sustained changes. Too often, a new initiative is at odds with the ingrained practices, attitudes and reward structures of the existing organizational culture.

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Local Food Solutions Vol. 15

Access: The Price of Local Food

Assumptions around price can make institutions and businesses cautious about buying more local food.

Many institutional food buyers assume that local food is generally more expensive. The reality is often the opposite.

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Brewery Discovery Routes Launch for 2018


May 16, 2018


Back for fourth year, Brewery Discovery Routes offer local craft beer adventures across Ontario

Toronto – Brewery Discovery Routes released updated itineraries on May 12 with over 200 craft breweries, 40 craft cideries, 20 craft distillers, and dozens of Feast On restaurants and farmers markets to choose from. Each of the 9 curated itineraries suggests stops to enjoy the very best of local food and drink in southern Ontario.

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Food Entrepreneur's Journey Guide

The Agri-Food Management Institute launched 'The Food Entrepreneur’s Journey’, to help budding food manufacturers with practical step-by-step advice on how to build a thriving business from idea to commercialization.

The guide takes the reader through all the activities that need to be performed in five basic stages: idea, proof of concept, product and business development, pre-commercial trials and sales, and finally commercial sales.

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