About the Greenbelt Fund

Making local food the first choice for Ontarians.

The Greenbelt Fund changes the way we eat food in Ontario. Our innovative investments get more local food onto the plates of Ontarians. We work with businesses, institutions and NGOs to make Ontario’s farmers the first choice for consumers.

The Fund’s work has:

  1. Generated a 19-fold return on our investments;
  2. Permanently changed the food value chain; and
  3. Improved local food awareness and education across the province.

#GreenbeltFunded projects invest in Ontario food processors, entrepreneurs and farmers to increase local food availability province wide

Since 2010, the Greenbelt Fund has driven economic growth, connecting farmers with food processors and retailers, boosting local food sales and creating new jobs

Ontario farmers, agri-food businesses, food processors and local food organizations have been #GreenbeltFunded

Ontariofresh.ca is the province’s largest local food network, making new connections between buyers, sellers, processors, and service providers

As a non-profit, the Greenbelt Fund is supported by public and private sources. The Local Food Investment Fund grant program is funded by the Government of Ontario and administered independently by the Greenbelt Fund.