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Product Profile: Local Flour from a Local Mill

“Once upon a time every village had a mill.” This is the mantra of K2 Milling, an artisanal, multigrain flour mill located in Tottenham, Ontario. They are one of the newest members of  

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Good Food Turning a Non-Profit

Just a few years ago, the idea of a non-profit organization, not a business, becoming one of Toronto's most important local food distribution hubs was bizarre. Enter Zahra Parvinian, the Director of Social Enterprise with FoodShare.

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Location, Location, Location

I love a good farmers’ market. Whenever I’m travelling, my first order of business is to do some research on the city I’m visiting and with bloodhound-like stealth (translation: a visit to Google and Chowhound) sniff out the city’s local food hangouts. It’s one of the pleasures of being in a large city, and a bustling market (or collection of them) is a definite factor in what makes a city great.

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Understanding Local Eating

Eating locally is an important idea that has gained lots of momentum in the last few years, and our ReFRESHing our Menu project to improve inpatient food here at TSH is evidence of these ideas really starting to take root outside of people’s home kitchens.  In an effort to measure the depth of our current investment in local eating, we’ve done a local food audit of our kitchen.  Essentially, what we were looking for is the source, or point of origin, for the products we purchase for the inpatient menu. 

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Getting Local Food into Your School

When you know where to look, getting local food into your school can be easy! Find out where to start here.

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