Product Profile: Garlic Scapes & Garlic Products

When Anthony Bourdain said “Garlic is divine,” he could have easily been describing the gourmand pleasing, Ontario-grown garlic-based products of The Garlic Box. For the past ten years, this member has been locally sourcing great ingredients from the abundant Ontario countryside for their gourmet seasonings, soups, sauces, dressings, condiments, preserves and pickled garlic cloves.

All of these are made with the stalwart Music variety of garlic that is planted in fall, left to hibernate under a blanket of snow throughout winter, brought to maturity in spring, and harvested in summer. It is during spring that bulbs of Music experience their characteristic growth spurt, giving their fat cloves that pronounced, full-bodied flavour The Garlic Box garlic is known for. If you want to try this flavour with some of your own recipes, The Garlic Box offers its customers not only garlic-based products, but wholesale bulbs and scapes. These are all shipped using 100% corn-based, bio-degradable loose fill, in an effort to conduct business in an environmentally sustainable way. To learn more about The Garlic Box check out their profile. For more product or ordering information or great recipes, check here.

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