Ontariofresh.ca New Opportunities & Feedback

There's been a lot growing at Ontariofresh.ca this past summer! We've received important feedback on the present and future use of the site, and have used this to make the site and search engine more user-friendly and streamlined. We're also looking at new opportunities for the site moving forward. During the consultation process, two ideas emerged as having the most value for the site’s member businesses: Advanced Marketing and POS Materials Package and an Online Distribution Route Map (click here for full description). We asked stakeholders and users to give us feedback on these two ideas and received a very positive response.

Summary of Survey Results


  • There were 104 survey participants total: 42% grower/producers, 17% distributors, 13% processor, 6% commercial food service
  • Participants operate all over Ontario: 55% in southwestern Ontario, 36% in central Ontario, 18% in eastern Ontario, 12% northern Ontario

Advanced Marketing and POS Materials Package

  • 73% of participants currently use marketing materials to promote their business, including brochures, business cards, and more.
  • 63% of participants are interested in accessing easy-to-download and customizable marketing material templates for their business .
  • Participants were highly interested in discounted rates on printing, video and photography.

Online Distribution Route Map

  • For the 38% of participants currently using distribution services, only 9% were very happy with their delivery services. Reasons for dissatisfaction include high cost, large minimum order requirements, location, and inflexible schedules and timing.
    • 68% of these respondents were interested in a service where you could book space on an unfilled truck to deliver products. 
  • For the 25% of participants currently providing distribution, 40% of them have unused space on their delivery trucks regularly.
    • 54% of these respondents are interested in a service where you could map your delivery routes in order to fill up your trucks to capacity, 

Thanks for your feedback and we'll make sure to keep you updated about the developments of these ideas. Want to give us more feedback? Contact Chloe Brown at [email protected]