Video: A Local Food Adventure

Today’s post is a bit of a teaser. Last year, I took a group of MTCC staffers on a series of very fun and and eye-opening trips across the fields and farms of Ontario. Dr. Seuss famously titled one of his books “Oh The Places You’ll Go”, and this is a great way to describe our experience.

We were very warmly welcomed by some of the most passionate and professional people in the business of local food in Ontario, including the de Martines family at Perth Pork Products, Ruth Klahsen at Monforte Dairy, Steve Martin from Martin’s Fruit Farm, Bryan Gilvesy from YU Ranch, and many others who we’ll chat about in the next post.

I like to think of our trips as Food: Unplugged. The stories we heard captured the daily challenges and successes of being a farmer in today’s world of imports and pre-packaged, food-like items. Meeting the people who work the land in Ontario is an important step in fully understanding why buying locally is so very important.

Along the way, we were very fortunate to have joining us the very talented Toronto filmmakerMelissa Dozois. If you haven’t heard of her, I have a feeling you will. When we sat down many months ago to discuss a film about our tour across Ontario, I knew immediately she was the right person to turn our vision into a fun and artistic document of our experiences. I hope you agree

Today is the day we start to share that document. Please enjoy the first installment of MTCC’s Local Food Adventure, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

- Kelly Hughes, Local Food Procurement at Metro Toronto Convention Centre