Toronto Star Features Women in Local Food

Ahead of the Greenbelt Fund Local Food Symposium, the Toronto Star featured the women in the local food and agriculture movement in Ontario. From the National Farmers Union to Roots to Harvest, women are making their mark on the agri-food sector.

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Toronto Star Features Farmers and Farming for Ag Week

"The agri-food sector is the backbone of Ontario - both historically and economically. Beyond the variety of food products that are grown, raised and produced in the province, the ag-food sector is creating quality jobs and driving the economy"

- Vawn Himmelsbach writing for the Toronto Star

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Toronto Star Features World Foods

"As a Somali person, I need to access food that is held within my DNA - okra, ginger, turmeric, peanuts, callaloo - world crops that are locally grown," - says Chef Bashir Munye in the latest Toronto Star feature on local food.

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Toronto Star features Local Food Week

"Jeff Leal, Ontario's minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs, notes that agriculture contributes $35.4 billion to Ontario's annual gross domestic product." 
— Dick Snyder for the Toronto Star

To cap off Local Food Week, the Toronto Star featured a look at the strong consumer demand for local food and the efforts supported by the Greenbelt Fund to meet this demand. This feature originally appeared in the Toronto Star on Saturday, June 10 2017.


Toronto Star Features 2017 Brewery Discovery Routes

Toronto Star Features 2017 Brewery Discovery Routes


The 2017 Brewery Discovery Routes have arrived, and they're featured in the May 27 edition of the Toronto Star.

"The objective of the Brewery Discovery Routes is to highlight the breadth of offerings from Ontario's artisanal independent producers, from breweries, cideries and distilleries to FeastON restaurants, farmers' markets and natural sites... But it's more than a list of places; it also highlights the opportunity for local, sustainable living and tourism in the province." — Vawn Himmelsbach

Click here to learn more about the nine distinct routes and how the craft beverage industry is helping to invigorate local economies. 

Toronto Star features the growing market for organics

In the latest Toronto Star feature exploring all things local food across Ontario, a look at the growing market for locally-produced organic food. This feature explores the economic opportunity in meeting the demand for organic food with Ontario-grown and raised choices.

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Toronto Star Features Innovative Local Food Processing

Toronto Star Features Local Food Processing


"The industry devoted to food and beverage processing is a vital part of the local food value equation. And these days, it's where a wave of Ontario-bred innovation and ingenuity is driving economic activity." — Dick Snyder for the Toronto Star

The April 1 edition of the Toronto Star features local processing initiatives that are helping to open up new markets, develop new products, and provide Ontario farmers with fresh opportunities. Read it here. 

Toronto Star Features Local Food Literacy



The Saturday, March 11 edition of the Toronto Star features local food literacy, from food ethics to astute farmers recognizing the desire for local food that not only tastes delicious, but that also supports communities.

Toronto Star Features Peri-urban Agriculture



"Beyond meeting the growing consumer demand for local food, urban density and peri-urban agriculture—versus uncontrolled urban sprawl that paves over the country's limited Class-1 farmland—may just bolster the overall quality of life in the Greater Toronto Area." — Vawn Himmelsbach for the Toronto Star

The February 18 edition of the Toronto Star features the benefits of peri-urban agriculture and urban farms, including the production of a variety of local food, the reduction of carbon emissions, and fighting urban sprawl. 

Toronto Star Features Young People Advocating for Local Food



"Ontario’s schools are a hotbed for local food advocacy, among both the students and the change agents that work with teachers to get kids directly involved with the things they eat." —Dick Snyder for the Toronto Star

Young Ontarians are taking ownership of the food they eat when they're in school, from high schools to colleges and universities. This feature in the Toronto Star interviews the leaders taking the steps to have more fresh, local food served up in schools across the province.