Guest Blog Post: Cohn Farms

From time to time, we are inviting our grantees to write blog posts about interesting experiences or events. Our first grantee post comes from Cohn Farms and the Fruit Logistica Trade Show. Enjoy!

The 2011 Fruit Logistica Trade Show is the largest trade show in the world for the produce industry and was located this year in Berlin, Germany. While consisting of more than 2,300 exhibits, it contained product, production lines (grading, sorting, packaging and processing equipment), value added technology, transportation and storage technology. These are among the world’s foremost growers, producers, manufactures, brokers and dealers from all over the world.

In my opinion, the fruits and vegetables looked really great, however, ours here in Ontario look just as spectacular. The best part of the show was seeing all the new technology that has become available. Just learning about all this equipment, how it works, can help us in so many areas;

  • Raise the bar on food safety
  • Assist in protecting our environment by managing the waste quantity in order to have the least impact on the environment possible
  • Technological changes to save on labour costs
  • Innovative packaging, transportation and storage ideas to lengthen shelf life

This is certainly the show to attend if you are looking to purchase or update existing packing or processing lines with the most modern technology available. The most important requirement needed to attend, is the ability to spend or invest for the best in the world.

Larry W. Cohn, President Cohn Farms

- Franco Naccarato, Program Manager for Greenbelt Fund