FEAST ON Program Celebrates Ontario Foodservice Champions This January

For a certified taste of Ontario, look for FEAST ON!

Ontariofresh.ca is thrilled to be partnering with the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance on an exciting new program for foodservice operators: FEAST ONFEAST ON is a criteria-based program that recognizes businesses committed to showcasing Ontario's unique tastes. Restaurants, diners, food trucks, you name it! Champions of Ontario food and drink will be signed, sealed, and certified FEAST ON with this new designation, allowing consumers to seek out a taste of Ontario at their favourite local dining establishments.

FEAST ON's manifesto includes: increasing local food procurement province-wide; developing Ontario’s culinary identity; celebrating Ontario’s food and drink champions; and educating the public on the amazing products grown, processed, and prepared right in Ontario. Any foodservice business can be designated FEAST ON by showing a commitment to Ontario’s tastes of place through local food procurement, industry partnerships, and community-based participation in building awareness around Ontario food and drink.

Ontariofresh.ca will act as a key resource for participating FEAST ON foodservice operations in their efforts to source more Ontario food. As an Ontariofresh.ca user, restaurants will gain access to our vast online network and product database, increasing local food procurement at restaurants province-wide.

The FEAST ON program launches January 1, so get ready to send in those applications! Look out for more FEAST ON information on their website. It will be a local-food-filled New Year indeed!


About the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance
The Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance is a not-for-profit devoted to connecting taste-makers, sharing their stories, and sparking delicious development in culinary tourism. By bridging the gap between the food and travel industries, we are strengthening viticulture, agriculture, and aquaculture to promote the growth of culinary tourism. Our work lies in developing strong relationships between growers, chefs, processors, restaurateurs, accommodation providers, distributors, government, and industry organizations.