Video Series: Introduction to Food Safety & Certification Workshop

The Greenbelt Fund and, in collaboration with 100km Foods Inc., CanadaGap, GS1 Canada, NSF-GFTC, OSCIA, and OMAFRA brought together farmers with professionals from different sectors and institutions dealing with food safety at the Introduction to Food Safety and Certification Workshop on April 3 and 4 2014.

Upon completion of the workshop, farmers gained an understanding of food safety principals, certification programs and an in-depth look at the CanadaGAP application process. Farmers also received a briefing from the Soil and Crop Association on how to apply for funding to support their work

Link to CanadaGap Food Safety Manual for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Session 1
Introduction to Food Safety Certification
Katija Morley, NSF-GFTC

Session 2
Introduction to CanadaGAP 
Katija Morley, NSF-GFTC and Emily Murphy, CanadaGap

Session 3
Worker Practices 
Colleen Haskins, OMAFRA and Katija Morley, NSF-GCTC


Session 4
Colleen Haskins, OMAFRA

Session 5
Water (Continued from Session 4) + Cleaning & Sanitation 
Katija Morley, NSF-GCTC and Colleen Haskins, OMAFRA


Session 6
Soil Amendments
Colleen Haskins, OMAFRA

Session 7
Pest Control, Building Maintenance, and Visitors
Colleen Haskins, OMAFRA


Session 8
Gary Morris, GS1 Canada

Session 9
Robin Brown, OSCIA
Growing Forward 2, Filling Out Funding Applications