VIDEO: Nourishing Northern Communities - Cloverbelt’s Far North Distribution Program

The Greenbelt Fund, in partnership with Cloverbelt Local Food Co-operative, has produced a short video about Cloverbelt’s local food distribution program.

Based in Dryden, Ontario, and founded in 2013, Cloverbelt’s online platform connects northern Ontario consumers with regionally local farmers, allowing the consumers to order fresh foods for pickup in their communities. With funding support, Cloverbelt was able to service even more remote and underserved locations in northern Ontario, which may otherwise have little access to fresh produce.

In this video, Jennifer Springett, President of Cloverbelt Local Food Co-operative, reflects on their innovative approach to local food distribution. She explains that their operations go against traditional brick-and-mortar food hubs, and instead, leverage a network of existing infrastructure and regional assets to distribute local food in a geographically expansive but sparsely populated region.

“Some of the communities that we service might only have a convenience store or a gas station,” explains Jennifer. “And so there might not be any produce or very minimal produce available in their community. Our service may be their only way to access fresh food.”

We encourage anyone interested in local food initiatives happening in northern Ontario to watch this video and share it widely! For more information on Cloverbelt Local Food Co-operative, please visit their website:

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