Traceability, Provincial Premises Registry, and your Business

Looking for new ways to market your products? It may not seem like the most conventional of marketing techniques, but getting a sturdy food traceability plan in action is one way of drawing attention to your business in many markets and on

Now more than ever, it’s important that the food product you sell and serve to the public is safe and traceable.  To ensure products in the Ontario food system can be tracked backwards from table to shelf to facility to field, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Farming, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) maintains a Provincial Premises Registry (PPR) of businesses in Ontario involved in agri-food activities.  Unlike other business registration numbers, the Ontario Premises Identification Number (Premises ID) that businesses receive through the PPR is associated with specific parcels of land and not businesses.

Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) manages premises registration on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Farming and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).  AGSI brings years of experience in agriculture and land-based technology applications to the important role of securely collecting, verifying, and storing Premises ID.

Already have your business premises registered?  Don’t fret.  Premises registered before the AGSI switch-over (from a previous provider) are still valid and you will not need to do anything – unless you have make changes to your practices.  However, if you have sold your farm, are changing your business activities, or are getting into the ‘agri-biz’ for the first time, you can register or update your Premises ID at any time using the contact details below.  

Registration is free and voluntary, and includes some good reasons to participate:

  • The PPR is crucial for having up-to-date contact and business information to keep the Ontario agri-food industry strong, resilient, and prepared for emergencies. 
  • Many of OMAFRA’s support programs require you to be registered in the PPR (such as the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program and Ontario’s Risk Management Program). 
  • Premises ID are a standard requirement for buyers, who will soon be able to use the search function to filter their results down to those who do have a Premises ID. 


Find more information on OMAFRA’s Agri-Food Traceability initiatives, or visit the PPR website.

Register or update your business premises by calling toll free 1-855-697-7743 or visit the online registration form here.

- Madeline Ritchie, Program Assistant