Product Profile: Ontario Distilled Vodka and Whiskey

Ontario’s Still Waters Distillery is gaining a lot of attention with their award-winning, artisanal single malt vodka. They are Ontario's first craft distillery, and one of the newest members of

Still Waters has adapted single malt distilling methods normally used by whisky makers. While most vodkas are made with a mixture of different grains like corn, wheat and barley, or potatoes, Still Waters Distillery uses only malted barley and no other grains. In their finished product, owners Barry Stein and Barry Bernstein show the care they put into each bottle. While it is their vodka that is gaining the most attention, Stein and Bernstein have released a small line of blended whiskies that feature 10% of their own production, made with Ontario-grown rye and corn. Tasters at the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York awarded their product a finalist in the Canadian Whisky class, stating it is "Excellent" and "Highly Recommended." Noting its pale amber color, their tasting notes conclude that its "opening nose is charred and toasty upfront, then turns deeply grainy. The flavor menu features lean tastes of corn syrup, poppy seeds, trail mix and dried apricot." As their own barrels mature, Still Waters will be showing what a lot of pride, passion and good taste can do to Ontario-grown and distilled spirits.