Plan to Grow: Scaling up Local Food in Kingston & Countryside

Plan to Grow is a research-based initiative of the NFU’s New Farm Project, designed to gather information from farmers, processors, retailers, buyers, and food security advocates in the Kingston area, with the goal of assisting the New Farm Project chart a path toward a sustainable local food system for Kingston and its countryside. Perspectives were gathered from over 40 food system participants about the assets, challenges and opportunities within our local food system, in order to develop priorities for action that will stimulate both the supply and demand for local food.

Engagement with participants identified the need for active coordination across many food and farm initiatives in order to better influence policy, generate funding support, and be strategic with the resources available to us. Active coordination can be achieved by working with the existing initiatives identified through our outreach, by taking advantage of existing data and studies currently being carried out, and by partnering with future studies and initiatives.

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