Local Producer Showcase at Restaurants Canada Trade Show

Local food has been consistently trending in the top themes for the Restaurants Canada Chef Survey and the National Restaurants Association annual surveys. Do they know something you don't?  Maybe it's time to check out some of Ontario's offerings by meeting with some suppliers of local foods at the upcoming RC Show February 25-27, 2018.

Let us help you by setting up meetings with some key Ontario producers at the Restaurants Canada Show. Simply contact Dave Kranenburg ([email protected] or 416-824-1917) to learn more about this opportunity and to book appointments with any of the suppliers below.PLEASE BOOK BEFORE FEBRUARY 21st, 2018 to secure a meeting.


Featured Ontario Suppliers


King's Lock Craft Distillery - Booth 3032

Small producer seeking small and mid-size buyers.

King’s Lock Craft Distillery a small batch Craft Distillery that is completely organic, 100% local production in our Distillery with 100% local grains from Eastern Ontario. Known for our gin and award winning Rye Vodka and Moonshine.

Signal Brewing - Booth 3032

Mid-size producer seeking small & mid-size buyers

Signal Brewing Company has established a best in class destination brewery located along the shores of the Moira River in beautiful Corbyville Ontario. We were formed on the same foundation as the historic Corby Distillery. An abundant supply of ice cold fresh water filtered through layers of limestone characterizes the unique value proposition tied to our craft beer recipes, the same water that made Wiser's whiskey famous. Taste and see, there is a difference.



Belly Artisan Ice Cream - Booth 3033

Mid-size producer with flexibility to serve all segments, also seeking distributors.

Founded by Shelley Westgarth, Belly Artisan Ice Cream is an all-natural artisan Jersey Milk Ice Cream Company located in Huntsville, Muskoka. With 22 signature food service flavours, we feature unique flavours like blueberry cheesecake, scotch whiskey and basil lemon. 4L and 11.4L tubs are available for food service. Products have a 6-month shelf life after opening (12 months sealed). Recently, we launched single serve cups for food service.


Fromagerie Kapuskoise - Booth 3029

Small producer seeking small buyers.

Founded by François Nadeau and his family, Fromagerie Kapuskoise specializes in artisan cheese and is in Kapuskasing. The Fromagerie produces cheese with French traditional methods. Some cheeses include: the Kapuskois, inspired by the Morbier; the Opasatika, inspired by the French Tomme; and the Mattagami, inspired by the Cantal.


Fromagerie St-Albert - Booth 3032

Mid-size producer able to meet the need of all market segments.

All of their cheeses are made using only 100% milk and they are proud to be the largest cheddar cheese curd company in Canada.

Thornloe Cheese - Booth 3033

Mid-size producer with ability to serve all market segments.

Small batch cheese makers of goat and cow milk cheeses located in the Temiskaming Valley, a clay belt region of Northeastern Ontario. Pride of the North since 1940 we make premium cheddars, poutine curds, blue and brie style cheeses. In 2017, we became first in Canada to produce Verified Grass Fed cheddar, mozzarella and butter. Retail and restaurant ready products.



Against the Grain Farms of Winchester - Booth 3032

Mid-size producer with ability to serve all market segments.

At Against the Grain Farms are advocates for consumer choice. They are cultivating and harvesting Non GMO, Heritage and Ancient Grain from around the world and planting a mix of local pure unmodified seeds. They have meticulously worked to establish and bring back a wide selection of heritage and new grains that can be grown locally - in their soil, in our climate. By harnessing the power of these grains, they offer fresh wholesome food choices that are proven contributors to good health and well being. Their mission is to offer all consumers the power to change - one seed at a time. 


Casa Bonita - Booth 2935

Mid-size producer seeking customers in all segments.

Casa Bonita produces authentic Mexican style corn tortillas and tortilla chips made from local Ontario ingredients to retails and institutional customers across Ontario.


Jakeman's Maple Products - Booth 2849b

Mid-size producer seeking large buyers.

Jakeman’s maple products is a family owned business and has been making maple syrup since 1876. Our award winning maple syrup is sold all over the world and offered domestically through distributors such as Sysco and GFS. We are now currently the largest maple syrup packer in Ontario and are Kosher, Vegan and Halal certified.


Pristine Gourmet - Booth 2936

Mid-size producer seeking customers in all segments.

Pristine Gourmet is Canada’s leader in farm crafted cold pressed oil. Our 4th generation family farm crafts this field to plate experience through old world techniques each week, FRESH. Our products include virgin non gmo sunflower, canola and soybean oils and non GMO whole pod or shelled edamame beans.


Quinta Quinoa - Booth 3029

Large producer seeking medium and large buyers and processors.

Quinta Quinoa specializes in growing and preparing high quality, local, gluten free crops such as Ontario-grown Quinta Quinoa. Quinta Quinoa varieties are grown using best practices by Canadian farmers focusing on producing local quinoa of the highest quality and purity. From our family to yours, we aim to produce Quinta Quinoa with the highest protein, mineral, and amino acid levels offered to the North American market


Sunshine Pickles - Booth 2929

Mid-size producer seeking customers in all segments.

All of Sunshine Pickles' products are grown and processed in Southwestern Ontario. They are processed without the use of chemical additives or preservative. They offer a selection of conventional and certified organic products both branded and private label.


Urban Hippie - Booth 3032

Mid-size producer seeking small and mid-size buyers.

Urban Hippie is a delicious artisan granola company that is nut-free, soy-free and dairy-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sulfites. They include superfoods such as maca root, matcha green tea, and flax seeds in our product flavors. Made in small batches with love.



Algoma Highlands Wild Blueberry Farm - Booth 3033

Large producer seeking all market segments

Located off the shores of Lake Superior in Wawa, Algoma Highlands has operated since 2006, harvesting over 400 acres of wild blueberries and strawberries. Family owned and operated, the farm offers fresh, frozen and quality assured products year-round. 
Algoma Highlands offers fresh wild blueberries in August, frozen wild blueberries, wild blueberry juice and preserves. 



Artisan Beef - Booth 2837

Mid-size producer seeking large buyers and flexibility to serve all segments.

Artisan Farms Direct's (AFD) mission is connecting Farm to Market. With their cattle & lamb farm in Grey County, Ontario, their many farm friends, and their office & distribution centre in Mississauga, AFD produces, sources, stores and distributes branded beef, lamb, veal, pork & poultry. Our all-Canadian offerings feature Ontario RWA, Angus, grass fed, Wagyu and Organic beef, alongside other boxed, portioned and processed specialty Ontario proteins.


Bay Meats Butcher Shop - Booth 3033

Mid-size producer seeking large buyers.

Located in the historic Bay & Algoma district in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Bay Meats Butcher Shop is an OMAFRA-licensed Free-Standing Meat Plant with a state-of-the-art smokehouse. All products are gluten free, filler free, and when possible, preservative and nitrite free. We make a variety of products: Beef Jerky, Pepperettes, Kielbasa, Bacon, and a variety of smoked sausages. All products are available in retail and bulk packaging.


King Cole Ducks - Booth 3046

Mid-size producer seeking large buyers and flexibility to serve all segments.

King Cole is a 3rd generation family operated duck producer with 66 years of expertise helping to ensure King Cole gives chefs and restaurants the best duck and selection of duck products in the market. They supply fresh or frozen whole ducks and duck parts as well as fully cooked –ready to heat and serve options. They work with customers of all sizes to help bring unique menu items to their guests with everything from duck skewers to duck supremes. A natural farming philosophy, sustainable farming operation… and just up the road Ontario!


O'Brien Farms - Booth 2948

Small producer seeking small and medium sized buyers.

Fourteen day dry-aged beef that is cut and wrapped to your specifications from cattle that are born and raised in the Ottawa area. They are never fed antibiotics and never receive added hormones. Cattle receive ultrasounds several times per year to identify marbling, ribeye and back fat. This allows us to select only optimum quality cattle for our customers. The beef is harvested and processed at a family owned abattoir located 20 km from the farm.


Penokean Hills Farms - Booth 3033

Small producer seeking small buyers, with ability to serve larger buyers.

From Algoma, Penokean Hills Farms raises, finishes and butchers their own branded beef for the wholesale and retail market in Ontario. Their premium, all-natural quality beef is raised free of added hormones and any unnecessary antibiotics. 
Penokean’s two product lines are Pea-Barley Finished Beef (grain-finished) and 100% Grass-Fed Beef.


Planet Shrimp - Booth 3139

Large producer seeking medium and large retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

Planet Shrimp farms in Ontario, premium pacific white shrimp in the country’s largest indoor aquaculture facility growing the best tasting, pure, clean shrimp that are hormone and antibiotic free.


Purvis Fisheries - Booth 3033

Mid-size producer seeking customers in all segments.

Purvis Fisheries is a 5th generation family owned and operated fishery on Manitoulin Island. All fish are caught wild in Lake Huron and processed the same day in a CFIA/QMP registered fish plant.
Purvis offers Whitefish, Lake Trout and Herring that are available whole, dressed, in fillets, or smoked that are vacuum packed to seal freshness. 




Feast On™ is a certification program that recognizes businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown and made food and drink. Supporting our local economy and Ontario’s farmers is important; especially for the food service industry. It builds our local food identity, it puts dollars back into our communities and it limits our environmental impact. A Feast On™ certification proves a business is fighting the good food fight. It lets customers know that by choosing that restaurant, they’re supporting our food system too.

Greenbelt Fund

The Greenbelt Fund changes the way we eat food in Ontario. Our innovative investments get more local food onto the plates of Ontarians. We work with businesses, institutions and NGOs to make Ontario's farmers the first choice for consumers. The Fund's work has generated a 13-fold return on our investments, permanently changed the food value chain, and improved local food awareness and education across the province.

Local Line

Local Line is an easy-to-use online marketplace for local food suppliers. We provide e-commerce, customer management, and inventory solutions that enable suppliers, hubs, and buyers to connect and transact.

Ontario Fresh

Ontariofresh.ca is an online network and marketing service designed to help Ontario businesses buy and sell more local food. We aim to connect the food value chain and get more local food on Ontario plates.