July: How Savoury It Is!

When the Challenge is to use Ontario berries, the default is usually to create a sweet dish or dessert. This is exactly what Local Food Challengers at St. James High School in Guelph were thinking when they decided to go the savoury route and pair explode-in-your-mouth, juicy Ontario blueberries with lamb. Don’t think they go together? Think again. The rich, distinctive flavour of lamb marries perfectly with the slight acidy and woodsy notes of the berries, and the presentation could not be more appealing!

Watch this video from Culinary High Skills Major Sam Fuda (also known as “Chef Sam”) while he demonstrates St. James High School’s winning recipe for Ontario Blueberry Braised Leg of Lamb.

Well done Chef Sam and the team at St. James.

Coming up in August: It’s just too easy – the fields and markets are bursting with Ontario produce right now. This month’s challenge is to use a local, Ontario ingredient you have never used before. It could be okra, kale, Lake Huron whitefish, or cold-pressed canola oil to earn 10 points. As long as it’s from Ontario, it’s fair game.

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- Kelly Hughes, Education and Outreach Specialist