Good grains grow in Ontario

1874 Stone Milling is taking University of Guelph bakers back to their roots. Sourcing local, organic grains from area farmers, this small-scale flour mill partnered with the University of Guelph to supply flour for their new, on-campus Creelman Bakeshop.

“We stone mill locally grown organic grains from our farm. Never bleached, never anything added, 100% natural” – Melissa, 1847 Stone Milling.

The mill, located in Fergus, ON offers seven different kinds of flour, each from organic, locally-grown grains. The flours are milled on a stone flour mill, just like the original area settlers used.

1874 Stone Milling was able to partner with the university bakery thanks to project funding through the Greenbelt Fund. The project enabled the mill to source grains from 16 organic farmers, all within 60 km of the mill. In 2019, annualized sales revenue is on-track for $200,000 and projections for 2020 should see their sales double. Greenbelt funding also allowed 1874 Stone Milling to develop marketing and promotional materials, targeting University of Guelph students and supporting the new on-campus bakery.

To celebrate Local Food week (from June 3-9), contact Melissa from 1847 Stone Milling to order local and organic Ontario grain products online at