Elgin County Homes, Elgin - $15,000

Kate Burns was a very busy person this year. Aside from her usual duties as Business Development Coordinator for the County of Elgin, she also jumped in to the Local Food Challenge with both feet, managing the project for Elgin County Homes, and organizing events with managers from each of the three seniors’ homes within the system who participated in the Challenge. Residents, visitors, and staff were treated to a visit and tasting with local sheep cheese producer Gunn’s Hill, tasted and judged a local fruit bake-off, and looked forward to weekly menus using local ingredients and new recipes. During the course of the Challenge, Elgin County Homes reached their goal of having 15 per cent of food purchases be of local food.

What they told us: “We have found great success in translating our local food commitment into activities for our residents. Getting the seniors involved has proved to be a great idea.” - Kate Burns, Business Development Coordinator, Elgin County