May: Local, Ontario Beef – For Best Results, Enjoy… Raw?

When we think of local food, our thoughts most often default to produce. Of course we love fresh Ontario fruits and vegetables. This is especially true this time of year, when the markets are bursting with rhubarb, asparagus, fresh peas, and fiddleheads. However, there’s more to love than just these seasonal delights – May’s Challenge puts the spotlight on beef! This month, Challengers were asked to come up with a recipe using local beef, a product widely available in Ontario. In fact Ontario produces 20 per cent of all the beef in Canada.

We think this video, made by Sam Fuda, a Culinary High Skills Major at St. James High School in Guelph, says it all. We love Sam’s footage of his trip to the Kitchener Farmers’ Market to source the ingredients for his all-local beef tartare. As Sam says, “There’s no better way to savour the flavour of beef than by serving it raw.” A bit of an acquired taste for some, but perhaps this great recipe, complete with some untraditional accoutrement and stunning presentation, will encourage you to give this classic French delicacy a try.

Well done Sam, and congrats once again to St. James for yet another amazing Monthly Challenge submission!

Coming up in June: It’s Local Food Week! How will you celebrate the amazing bounty of Ontario? Plan a special event between June 1 and 7. This is a big one, so it’s worth 50 points.

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Kelly Hughes, Education and Outreach Specialist

Video courtesy of Sam Fuda: