You Say ‘Potato,’ I say ‘Sodium and Chemical Free Potato from Cohn Farms'’

Potatoes have been getting a bad rap in the food and nutrition world (there’s a reason they’re commonly referred to as ‘the lowly potato’). Potatoes, however, have a lot to boast about. They are densely packed with almost every essential vitamin and mineral that our bodies need to be healthy, and are delicious to boot.

The real problem is that most of the processed potatoes we buy or are served are so highly-processed that their sodium, sugar, fat, and chemical preservative content rules out all the nutritional value, and the taste gets sucked out. This is the potato that we’ve gotten used to.

Enter Larry Cohn of Cohn Farms and his zero-sodium and chemical free peeled and packaged potato. Larry comes from three generations in the potato industry, and he knows the vegetable so well that he’s been working with Health Canada to develop a peeled and packaged potato with nothing but fresh, Ontario-grown potatoes with zero chemicals or preservatives (including salt/sodium!).

This is big news for publically-funded broader public sector (BPS) institutions that are trying to prioritize healthy, local food – especially hospitals. In fact, Ontario hospitals have been asking for a zero-sodium potato that they can serve with conviction to patients with heart disease and diabetes since the 1990s, and Larry Cohn has been trying to develop such a product for over nine years. After thousands of tests, which included patient and staff testing with a major downtown hospital, patents have been filed and Larry is almost ready to bring his new product to market.

The goal is to be production ready for the 2014 potato crop, approximately August 2014, and Cohn Farms will be shipping out large quantities of these healthy, fresh and not frozen, fully safety-certified and traceable, peeled Ontario potatoes to many Ontario hospitals and long term care facilities. Selling this product to BPS institutions means more Ontarians will have access to healthy food away from home, and that we are all supporting local businesses through our public dollars. 

What’s next for this innovative and exciting product? Larry hopes to do some solid research on the health impacts of these potatoes compared to regular processed ones by comparing the recovery times for patients.  He has also filed patents for his technology and methods, and would like to not only expand his Ontario operation but plans to either produce or license the method across Canada, the US, and possibly Europe.

Go, and love potatoes for what they are naturally!

- Madeline Ritchie, Program Assistant

Larry Cohn and Cohn Farms is just another innovative business creating #localfoodsolutionsacross Ontario!

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