Vineland Winter News

As I write to you today, Vineland is entering its fifth year of operations. When we began in 2007, industry and government partners were confident in the knowledge that innovation had been the basis for Canadian horticulture success over the past 100 years, and would undoubtedly be the key to success for the next 100 years.

If you think about it, 10,000 years ago agriculture itself was an innovation. However, as agriculture has evolved to meet modern day demands, the need for a newly-designed innovation system has followed. We are now creating a better system that maintains excellence in science, has clear industry outcomes, is more responsive to the market place and is fully engaged with the needs of stakeholders along the value chain. While change can be difficult, Vineland has benefited from the commitment of the horticulture industry, all levels of government, universities and the business community. Partnerships are the very foundation of Vineland, and it is those relationships and collaborations that make our 60 people into 6,000.

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From Vineland Research and Innovation Centre