VIDEOS: Local Food - Beyond the Market

Guelph Wellington Local Food received funding through the Broader Public Sector Investment Fund to increase local Ontario food served in daycares, schools, universities and colleges and hospitals across the region.  The project has helped give children, patients and residents greater access to the nutritious food grown and produced in Ontario. 

The partners that we actively worked with on this project have all taken steps forward to increase their local food procurement.

Many challenges were overcome with the partners that we worked with to increase their local food.  Many of their stories, as well as lessons and resources are available in our Road to Local Food Increasing Local Food in  Broader Public Sector Organizations. Click here to download your copy.  You will find relative information for an organization that is just starting to buy local, to those who already make this part of the work they do.

Check out our 6 videos that feature our local champions! All six in the series Local Food - Beyond the Market will help you find some great ways to infuse more local into your menus. Thanks to Merc Media for the partnership in developing the videos.

All six videos can be found by clicking here.  Or, click on one of the links below to go directly to a video.

Where to Begin

Menu Planning

Developing Relationships

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