The Innovation Report

Introducing the inaugural issue of The Innovation Report - Vineland Research and Innovation Centre's first-ever research magazine.  Since 2007 the organization has made a concerted effort to make linkages with stakeholders along the value chain, bringing innovation and research into the heart of Canada's horticulture infrastructure.  

Some features you can look forward to:

- What Dr. Doryl Somers' teams research into reverse genetics has meant for ornamental petunias, and what it could eventually mean for Ontario's crops

- Ontario okra? Brantford bottle gourd?  Dr. Michael Brownbridge's research could bring locally-grown ethnic crops to the Ontario food market and open new possibilities for farmers and buyers alike

- What do automotive plants and tulip fields have in common?  Robots, of course!

Access the full PDF report here!

From Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

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