Ontariofresh.ca Plays Matchmaker for Ontario Food Businesses

While surveying our membership base this past winter, we took the time to make personal phone calls and find out what doors Ontariofresh.ca has opened for our members. We were amazed by what people had to say, and are proud to have played a part in helping businesses find a Freshmate.

Let’s take a minute to highlight some of the positive experiences our members have had withOntariofresh.ca:

"Last year at about this point in time I started looking for more people to sell my products to, and as I browsed I found a bunch of names and numbers. I ended up calling one and it turned out really well for us; I met with him face-to-face this fall and we've committed to making this a long term deal.

I didn't know the other person existed before I started browsing on Ontariofresh.ca. If you hadn't been there, I probably wouldn't have made that connection.

We've definitely increased the amount that we ship in a given season, so that's all good things in terms of a growing your business. We're still trying to build our market, so those connections are always welcome. Trying to get a hold of more than one person to buy your product is always good. This way you have more avenues to sell your product."
Hendrick Droogendyk, Droogendyk’s Market Garden

"I find the website easy to navigate; it's fresh, it's progressive looking, I like the links to social media, and I like the updates I get by email. It’s a very comprehensive site".
Nicole Judge, Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

"I started to work with a local deli that mostly deals in fresh hot meals. I was approached because she saw me on Ontariofresh.ca and wanted to stock my vegetables in her store.

This transaction wouldn't have happened without Ontariofresh.ca."
Gerry Stephenson, Drumlin Farm

“The Search makes things quick and easy."

“The website is very good. We just need to make more people aware that the tool exists and get them using it to access suppliers."
Colleen Judge, Maple Meadow Farms

"My profile on Ontariofresh.ca has certainly increased the amount of local food we work with. We’re looking at trying to expand that initiative within the school.”
Chris McCarthy, Food for Kids Peterborough and County (as part of the Farm to School Challenge)


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- Madeline Ritchie, Program Assistant