Ontario Hoof Health Project

Building on projects already operating in Alberta and British Columbia, this Ontario focused project was designed to collect data on digital dermatitis, the most common cause of lameness in dairy herds.

The Ontario Hoof Trimmers Guild (OHTG) received $120,334 in funding through the Agricultural Biosecurity Program (ABP) to help implement on-farm strategies to help control this ailment and improve productivity.

The project goal is to collect data from 30,000 registered dairy cows in 300 different herds. To date, over 330 Ontario dairy herds have volunteered to participate and eleven hoof trimmers have gathered data on over 22,000 cows.Project trimmers have collected over 220 biosecurity surveys from the project farms and are finishing an intensive survey on 50 farms in their clientele lists. Project results and recommendations will be made available in September of 2012.

This project is funded through the ABP part of the Best Practices Suite of programs under Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of several Growing Forward programs in Ontario.

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