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Why Do People Make Jokes About Hospital Food?

If you were to randomly ask 20 people on the street about hospital food, I am willing to bet 19 out of 20 would tell you it was awful.

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Getting Local Food into Your School

When you know where to look, getting local food into your school can be easy! Find out where to start here.

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2010 | Eat Local Sudbury

Bringing Rural to Public Institutions, Sudbury $76,000 

Eat Local Sudbury (ELS) hit the road running with their efforts to shorten the distance between northern farms and local tables. During this project, ELS purchased a cooler van to safely and efficiently deliver produce and meat grown and raised within a 150-mile radius of the city to broader public sector institutions. The van purchase allowed ELS to maintain adequate stock levels and meet customer demand, resulting in increased sales. Institutional sales increased 45 percent in a five-month period, which encouraged ELS to develop and implement steps to track orders and measure their cost effectiveness. The increase in sales also led to ELS taking on additional suppliers.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) - A Local Food Adventure

Metro Toronto Convention Centre's - A Local Food Adventure

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Metro Toronto Convention Centre's (MTCC) Local Food and Beverage Procurement Policy

With a view to providing exceptional quality of service to guests and clients, MTCC drafted a Local Food and Beverage Procurement Policy in 2012.

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