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Local Food Solutions Vol. 8

People: Making Connections

As the food system became more industrialized and commercial, we became disconnected from the people who grew and produced our food. 

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A Visit to Y U Ranch

Story by Chloe Brown, Ontariofresh​.ca Program Coordinator

“We’re not a value chain, we’re partners. We share the bounty.” – Bryan Gilvesy, Y U Ranch

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May: Local, Ontario Beef – For Best Results, Enjoy… Raw?

When we think of local food, our thoughts most often default to produce. Of course we love fresh Ontario fruits and vegetables. This is especially true this time of year, when the markets are bursting with rhubarb, asparagus, fresh peas, and fiddleheads. However, there’s more to love than just these seasonal delights – May’s Challenge puts the spotlight on beef! This month, Challengers were asked to come up with a recipe using local beef, a product widely available in Ontario. In fact Ontario produces 20 per cent of all the beef in Canada.

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Collaboration on Local Food in Sudbury

My Sustainable Canada and the Greenbelt Fund present a FREE day-long workshop exploring Collaboration on Local Food in Sudbury.

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Four Ontario Institutions Use Purchasing Power Worth $10 million to Put More Local Food on the Table

June 6, 2014

Four Ontario Institutions Use Purchasing Power Worth $10 million
to Put More Local Food on the Table

3P Mentorship Program helps public institutions push the market to be responsive to local food needs

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Roasted Asparagus Pasta

Ontario's first annual Local Food Week was a delicious success! To celebrate the end of Local Food Week, I wanted to share a seasonal recipe that is simple to make and guaranteed to please. The star of this recipe is Ontario-grown asparagus, one of the first vegetables of the season, bursting with colour, nutrients, and flavour. Check out a local farmers' market this weekend to find ingredients, and cook up this delicious recipe at home.

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Greenbelt Increases Support for Ontario Hops Growers

The Greenbelt Fund is pleased to announce additional support in the amount of $12,500 toBighead Hops in Meaford, Ontario. The announcement was made Wednesday night at Brewers Plate Toronto, a celebration of local food and Ontario Craft Brewers.

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A Trip to the Elmira Produce Auction

What do you get when you combine the quaintness of a country auction with the dynamics of purchasing food for a large institution? Another way to bring more local food into school cafeterias and kitchens!

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April: Ruby-Red Rhubarb Takes the Stage

One of the first signs of the beginning of the growing season in Ontario is the arrival of fresh, ruby-red rhubarb. For the April Challenge, our participants were invited to create a spectacular dish with this vegetable that is most commonly used as a fruit.

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Local Food Solutions Vol. 7

People: Effecting Change

Public institutions are large, often complex organizations that face many challenges to implementing and sustaining changes to procurement. In many cases, getting more local food into them is less about finding Ontario food options and more about getting buy-in from the staff that will be impacted by directives to source Ontario food.

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