Home Meal Replacement Packaging

America's most widely used recyclable paperboard folded plain food pails for Food Retailers are coming to Canada. Historically, these food pails have been the signature take-out package used by Chinese and other Asian inspired restaurants and their popularity is growing into high revenue Home Meal Replacement hot-food Deli packaging, like pasta dishes and even hot Bakery items, from breads to desserts.

Home Meal Replacement is an important market for food retailers – store-prepared meals are both profitable and popular, filling a new niche in grocery stores. As grocery stores move towards sourcing more local product, we can hope that these segments of their stores will incorporate more local offerings as well. Innovations in packaging and labeling offer an opportunity for retailers to brand their food in a number of ways, including providing information about local producers who supply their food.

Newly popular food pails keep food products extremely fresh and hot, yet still convenient for the consumer. Since Chefs typically fill the container to 100% capacity, there is little heat loss or condensation when closed keeping food hot and fresh for an extended period of time.

Available plain or generic print, and labeled in-store with a distinctive custom label describing the contents, the retailer is able to maintain minimum inventory of whatever size containers they require for each of their prepared food products without having to order custom- printed containers for each product and consumers are presented with their chosen entree in a distinctive yet functional package. This flexibility offers an opportunity for retailers to showcase suppliers, producers, or whole supply chains with attractive custom labeling: keep an eye on this trend and hope that retailers recognize the many great possibilities for sharing “farm-to-fork”  information with their customers through this form of packaging!

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- Brian Weller, President of Precision Label and Tag Inc.