GTAAAC Food and Farming Action Plan 2021

The Golden Horseshoe of Ontario, stretching along the shores of Lake Ontario, is not only the fastest growing region of Canada with a diverse and sophisticated urban population, it is a vast, rich agricultural area and home to one of the largest food and farming clusters in North America. Comprised of the Regions of Durham, Halton, Niagara, Peel, York and the Cities of Hamilton and Toronto, the Golden Horseshoe produces over 200 different types of agricultural crops and contains the majority of Ontario’s food processing operations, head offices of major food retail merchandisers, Canadian headquarters of global consumer branded food companies and Ontario’s food distribution centres. Characterized by thousands of vibrant entrepreneurs in food and farming, the Golden Horseshoe is home to both heritage family farms and flourishing family businesses founded by first generation Canadians.

As farmers in the Golden Horseshoe, we see a wealth of opportunities for the Golden Horseshoe to grow as an internationally renowned centre for food production. However there are challenges that are impeding the growth of food and farming in the region.

Strong leadership, progressive policies and cooperative action are required to address these challenges and capitalize on opportunities. In this day when food production is a growing concern in many nations, we owe it to future generations to ensure that the Golden Horseshoe retains and expands its role as a leading food and farming cluster.

This plan is a call to action to take on this challenge. We invite you to join our group of farmers, industry leaders and politicians to implement this plan to make the Golden Horseshoe the leading food and farming cluster in the world.

Download the full report from the Greater Toronto Agricultural Action Committee below, or visit their website at for more information.

From Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation