Agricultural Adaptation Council: October 2012 Newsletter

CAAP Collective Outcomes

The Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) encourages and supports collaborative efforts or collective outcome (CO) projects which demonstrate greater industry collaboration amongst national, multi-regional and regional stakeholders.

To date, the AAC has led 20 CO projects with a total funding amount of $4,295,859. These projects are led by an Ontario based applicant and supported by councils in other jurisdictions. Additionally, AAC has contributed $1,665,837 to 55 non-Ontario-led collective outcome projects. These projects are led by applicants outside of Ontario, but are supported by the Ontario industry.
For two examples of CO projects funded under the CAAP, please see the feature stories below.

CO projects could include the participation of:
• National organizations, working in collaboration with provincial/territorial groups, or
• A minimum of two CAAP Industry Councils.
CO project proposals must:
• Be consistent with CAAP objectives, principles and criteria;
• Address an issue that crosses beyond the boundaries of one province or territory;
• Involve as many collaborators/partners and related CAAP Industry Councils as possible and should encourage the involvement of a national organization, where applicable
• Disseminate the project results to a broadly-based targeted audience.
Collective outcome projects maximize CAAP funding on a national scale by:
• Reducing duplication across multiple jurisdictions
• Supporting collaboration within the industry
• Addressing common issues and opportunities
• Facilitating information sharing between regions
For complete details about CAAP, please refer to the CAAP Guide.

Please contact an AAC program coordinator today or complete apre-proposal and we can provide you with feedback on the fit of your project under CAAP.


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