Grantee Spotlight: FoodShare

With the support of an $80,000 investment from the Greenbelt Fund, FoodShare is engaging with young cooks and inspiring youth to get passionate about local food. We invited FoodShare to submit a guest blog about The Royal High School Chef Competition:

Students across Ontario are changing school food by cooking it themselves. The Royal High School Chef Competition celebrates these chefs by letting them compete in an iron chef style competition.

Dozens of teams from high schools across Ontario submitted their recipes for the competition. Only three teams made it to the finals. The judges looked for dishes that:

  • featured local, in season Ontario produce
  • work as an option in high school cafeterias
  • meet School Nutrition Standards (PPM-150)
  • show creativity and culinary skill
  • reflect Ontario’s culinary diversity
  • look, taste and smell delicious

Each team brought something special to their dish, whether it be vegan beef, homemade tortillas or the brightest veggies:

  • Twin Lakes SS: Three Sisters Burritos
  • Northview Heights SS: Vegan Kosher Beef Vegetable and Udon Noodles
  • Richmond Green SS: Chicken Vermicelli with Greens

The teams chopped, mixed and stir fried their way through the hour, paying special attention to cleanliness and plating. Judges had difficulty deciding but at the hour’s end, burritos won!

Congratulations to Twin Lakes SS, all the finalists and everyone who submitted recipes. The future of school food looks and tastes delicious.

The Royal High School Chef Competition is delivered by FoodShare Toronto in partnership with The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

To find out how to plan your own high school chefs competition, check out this handy guide from FoodShare.