Applying for a Grant

The Local Food Investment Fund has three streams providing financial support to local food leaders across Ontario (funding opportunity is not limited to the Greenbelt), with the common goal to increase the amount of local food consumed in the province.

Updated Grant Application Guidelines for each of our grant streams are now available.

Broader Public Sector Grant Stream

Market Access Grant Stream

Local Food Literacy Grant Stream

Applications are now open for the Local Food Investment Fund

To apply for funding, all applicants must first Register on our online portal (

Inquiries will be reviewed case by case, on a first come, first reviewed basis. It is strongly suggested that applications be submitted in early April or as early as possible to be considered.

Successful applicants that are awarded funding will be notified by the end of June 2018.

The suggested project duration is six months with a start date of July 1 and project end date of December 31, 2018.

If awarded funding, grant recipients must submit the final report, all eligible project-related invoices and expenses and complete the project by December 31, 2018.

Important: There is only one intake and no further intakes/rounds are planned for 2018.


Step-by-Step Guide to Making an Application

Step 1: Please carefully review and read the Grant Guidelines for eligibility. To discuss your project idea, we encourage you to contact Franco Naccarato ( 905-875-2077 or 416-888-4896) or schedule a teleconference appointment with Franco. Alternatively you may contact Sam Cheuk ( 416-960-0001 ext 311), or Sagal Dualeh ( 416-960-0001 ext 338) after April 25, 2018.

Step 2: Register on our online portal.

Click on "Register to the Greenbelt Fund" NOT the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. Once registered, you will receive an email notification with login information, which will give you access to the online portal and application forms.

Step 3: Submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) for staff review.  

Once registered and logged in, familiarize yourself with the online portal by clicking on the left-hand menu sections: "Information" and "Grantee Portal".

IMPORTANT: To begin the LOI application, click on the "Information Page" of the online portal and click the "Apply For a Grant" button at the bottom right hand corner.

Step 4: Once you begin populating and saving your LOI submission, it will appear on the left-hand menu under "Pending LOI".

Step 5: Once your LOI is complete and you are ready to submit your LOI, click the "Submit" button. Your LOI will appear under "Submitted LOI".

Friendly reminder: please review the "Grantee Portal" page if you need help navigating the online portal.

Step 6: If your LOI submission is successful and is selected for the second stage, you will then be invited to submit a "Full Application". All applicants who submit an LOI will be notified about the decision, on whether to submit a "Full Application" or not.

Troubleshooting: If you experience any technical difficulties with the online portal, please contact Sam Cheuk at (416-960-0001 ext. 311).

Application-related inquiries: The Greenbelt Fund invites applicants to contact us at any time to discuss ideas. Our staff can provide advice and guidance to help prospective applicants submit the best application possible. Contact Franco Naccarato ( 905-875-2077 or 416-888-4896) or Sam Cheuk ( 416-960-0001 ext 311). Alternatively, contact Sagal Dualeh ( 416-960-0001 ext 338) after April 25, 2018.

For updates on ongoing projects and information about future funding opportunities, sign up for the Greenbelt Fund/Ontario Fresh newsletter.